Question: Kim s Nursery sells a wide variety of plants and offers

Kim’s Nursery sells a wide variety of plants and offers courses on summer and winter garden maintenance. Kim Linge prepared the unadjusted trial balance at December 31, 2015, shown below.
To prepare the adjusting entries, the following data were assembled:
a. An inventory count shows that $3,620 in supplies remain on hand.
b. The one-year insurance policy was purchased at the end of March of the current year. It was the only policy in the account.
c. The tractor was purchased in 2014 and has an estimated useful life of 15 years. The building depreciation is $1,675.
d. December 31 is the last working day of the calendar year for the seven employees, and they have been fully paid to year-end. They have each earned a $1,500 bonus to be paid to them on January 15, 2016.
e. Spaces fill up fast for the summer maintenance course. As a result, four people have paid in advance for next year’s course at $350 per person, which has been recorded to Course Revenue. The $2,700 balance in the unearned revenue account relates to the winter maintenance course that took place in November.
f. Kim’s Nursery has paid $300 in advance for the winter groundskeeper. The grounds-keeper does not start until January 15. This transaction has not yet been recorded in error.
1. Journalize the adjusting and correcting entries. Add additional accounts as needed.
2. Determine the balances of the accounts affected by the adjusting and correcting entries and prepare an adjusted trial balance. There were no additional investments during the period.

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