Question: Kioda Corporation assembles various components used in the elect

Kioda Corporation assembles various components used in the electronics industry. The company’s major product, a computer chip, is the result of assembling three parts: X1, Y2, and Z3.The following information relates to production in January:
• Beginning Work in Process inventory: 5,500 units, 85 percent complete as to conversion; costing $320,000 (direct materials, $255,000; conversion costs, $65,000).
• Production started: 33,000 units.
• Production completed: 29,000 units.
• Ending Work in Process inventory: 9,500 units, 55 percent complete as to conversion.
• Direct materials used: X1, $295,000; Y2, $750,000; Z3, $490,250.
• Hourly wages of direct laborers, $25; total direct-labor payroll, $162,500.
• Overhead application rate: $70 per direct-labor hour.

All parts are introduced at the beginning of Kioda’s manufacturing process; conversion costs are incurred uniformly throughout production.
a. Calculate the total cost of direct material and conversion during January.
b. Determine the cost of goods completed during the month.
c. Determine the cost of the work in process inventory on January 31.

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