Question: Kolber Manufacturing Limited designs manufactures and distributes safety boots In

Kolber Manufacturing Limited designs, manufactures, and distributes safety boots. In January 2014, Kolber purchased another business that manufactures and distributes safety shoes, to complement its existing business. The total purchase price was to be $10 million in cash immediately and another S5 million in cash one year from now. The company's current interest cost is 6%. The assets and liabilities purchased included accounts receivable, finished goods inventories, land and plant, manufacturing equipment and office equipment, accounts payable, and a loan that is secured by the manufacturing equipment. In addition, a trademark was purchased (which has six years remaining on its current legal life), as well as existing customer relationships (although there are no outstanding contracts with these customers), and a non-compete agreement with the existing owners that they will not start any sin1ilar business for the next five years. The company reports under IFRS.
You are the controller of Kolber and have been given the task of recording the purchase in the company's books.
(a) Outline how you might go about determining how to allocate the purchase price to the intangible assets and any goodwill purchased. In addition, consider how each of these assets is subsequently reported and what the impact will be on net earnings in subsequent years given your decisions now.
(b) If this company reported under ASPE, explain how the impairment test for goodwill would differ from the IFRS method.

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