L and E Facto rented a banquet hall owned by
L and E Facto rented a banquet hall owned by Pantagis Enterprises for a wedding reception at a cost of $ 10,578, paid in advance. A clause in the contract excused Pantagis from performing due to an act of God or other unforeseen events. A power failure occurred in the area around the banquet hall soon after the reception got under way. As a result, the lights and air conditioning went off, which caused problems for the band and the videographer taking pictures. Heat caused the guests to be unbearably warm and uncomfortable, and it led to a fight between an employee and a guest. The police were called and they evacuated the hall. The Factos sued for breach of contract to include a return of their prepayment and money to cover the money paid to the band and the videographer. Are they entitled to money damages for breach of contract as requested?
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