Question: Laffer Lumber produces bagged bark for use in landscaping Production

Laffer Lumber produces bagged bark for use in landscaping. Production involves packaging bark chips in plastic bags in a bagging department. The following information describes production operations for October.
Bagging Department
Direct materials used ................ $522,000
Direct labor used ................... $130,000
Predetermined overhead rate (based on direct labor) ..... 175%
Goods transferred from bagging to finished goods .... $(595,000)
The company’s revenue for the month totaled $ 950,000 from credit sales, and its cost of goods sold for the month is $ 540,000.
Prepare summary journal entries dated October 31 to record its October production activities for
(1) Direct material usage,
(2) Direct labor usage,
(3) Overhead allocation,
(4) Goods transfer from production to finished goods,
(5) Credit sales.

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