Question: Lancer Inc produces universal remote controls Lancer uses a JIT

Lancer, Inc. produces universal remote controls. Lancer uses a JIT costing system. One of the company’s products has a standard direct materials cost of $ 9 per unit and a standard conversion cost of $ 35 per unit. During January 2014, Lancer produced 600 units and sold 595 units on account at $ 55 each. It purchased $ 6,300 of direct materials on account and incurred actual conversion costs totaling $ 17,500.

1. Prepare summary journal entries for January.
2. The January 1, 2014, balance of the Raw and In-Process Inventory account was $ 50. Use a T-account to find the January 31 balance.
3. Use a T-account to determine whether conversion costs are overallocated or underallocated for the month. By how much? Prepare the journal entry to adjust the Conversion Costsaccount.

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