Question: Larry is the sole proprietor of a trampoline shop During

Larry is the sole proprietor of a trampoline shop. During 2014, the following transactions occurred.
• Unimproved land adjacent to the store was condemned by the city on February 1.
The condemnation proceeds were $15,000. The land, acquired in 1985, had an allocable basis of $40,000. Larry has additional parking across the street and plans to use the condemnation proceeds to build his inventory.
• A truck used to deliver trampolines was sold on January 2 for $3,500. The truck was purchased on January 2, 2010, for $6,000. On the date of sale, the adjusted basis was zero.
• Larry sold an antique rowing machine at an auction. Net proceeds were $4,900. The rowing machine was purchased as used equipment 17 years ago for $5,200 and is fully depreciated.
• Larry sold an apartment building for $300,000 on September 1. The rental property was purchased on September 1, 2011, for $150,000 and was being depreciated over a 27.5-year life using the straight-line method. At the date of sale, the adjusted basis was $124,783.
• Larry's personal yacht was stolen on September 5. The yacht had been purchased in August at a cost of $25,000. The fair market value immediately preceding the theft was $19,600. Larry was insured for 50% of the original cost, and he received $12,500 on December 1.
• Larry sold a Buick on May 1 for $9,600. The vehicle had been used exclusively for personal purposes. It was purchased on September 1, 2010, for $20,800.
• Larry's trampoline stretching machine (owned two years) was stolen on May 5, but the business's insurance company will not pay any of the machine's value because Larry failed to pay the insurance premium. The machine had a fair market value of $8,000 and an adjusted basis of $6,000 at the time of theft.
• Larry had AGI of $102,000 from sources other than those described above.
• Larry has no nonrecaptured § 1231 lookback losses.
a. For each transaction, what are the amount and nature of recognized gain or loss?
b. What is Larry's 2014 AGI?

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