Question: Lassonde Industries Inc is a Canadian company that develops manufactures

Lassonde Industries Inc. is a Canadian company that develops, manufactures, and sells innovative and distinctive lines of fruit and vegetable juices and drinks that are marketed under recognized brand names such as Everfresh, Fairlee, and Oasis. Some of the items included in its recent annual consolidated statement of cash flows, presented using the indirect method, are listed below. Indicate whether each item is disclosed in the operating activities (O), investing activities (I), or financing activities (F) section of the statement, or write not applicable (NA) if the item does not appear on the statement.
_____ 1. Dividends paid.
_____ 2. Repayment of long- term debt.
_____3. Depreciation and amortization.
_____4. Proceeds from the issuance of shares.
_____5. Change in trade payables and accrued liabilities.
_____6. Sale of intangible assets.
_____8. Net earnings.
_____9. Acquisition of property, plant, and equipment.
_____10. Change in inventories.

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