Question: Latin Silk Products uses standard costs in a process cost

Latin Silk Products uses standard costs in a process cost system. At the end of the current month, the following information is prepared by the company’s cost accountant:

The total standard cost per unit of finished product is $15. During the current month, 20,000 units were completed and transferred to the finished goods inventory and 18,000 units were sold. The inventory of work in process at the end of the month consists of 3,000 units that are 70 percent complete. There was no inventory in process at the beginning of the month.

a. Prepare journal entries to record all variances and the costs incurred (at standard) in the Work in Process account as separate compound entries for (1) direct materials, (2) direct labor, and (3) manufacturing overhead.
b. Prepare journal entries to record (1) the transfer of units finished to the Finished Goods Inventory account and (2) the Cost of Goods Sold (at standard) for the month.
c. Assuming that the company operated at 80 percent of its normal capacity during the current month, what is the amount of the budgeted fixed manufacturing overhead permonth?

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