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  • 1. Does that mean the workers win the case?2. Why not?3. Do the workers get their jobs back?

  • 1. Employees meeting around the water cooler or coffee machine have always had the right to discuss work-related matters. Is a social media outlet simply a digital water cooler? Why or why not?2. If your company instituted a policy stating stated that employees should “think carefully about ‘friending’ co-workers,” would that pol

  • 1. Harrah’s “Personal Best” policy establishes different requirements for men and women. Isn’t that illegal?2. Do you mean it is legal to treat men and women differently in the workplace?3. But women had to wear make-up and men didn’t. Isn’t that a heavier burden?

  • 1. How did the court define the public policy doctrine?2. Is this holding a narrow or broad interpretation of the public policy doctrine?

  • 1. How did the court treat Dee’s attempt to establish a prima facie case of employment discrimination?2. On what did both the trial court and the appellate court focus their analysis? 3. What did the plaintiff here fail to do in submitting his side of the case? How did this failure affect his claims? 4. If Dees had been laid off due to

  • 1. How many Americans currently have some disability as defined by the ADA?2. How many people have correctable disabilities?

  • 1. How might Lt. Johnson address the burglary problem more effectively?2. If Lt. Johnson decides on a problem solving approach, who should he include in his group of problem solvers? Be creative.3. Can you suggest how inviting the high school principal, the owner of the local arcade and residents from the neighborhood where the burglaries

  • 1. How much obedience and loyalty does an agent employee owe to an employer? What if the employer engages in an activity—or requests that the employee engage in an activity—that violates the employee’s ethical standards but does not violate any public policy or law? In such a situation, does an employee’s duty to abide by her or h

  • 1. How rational is the award when it rests on phantom language?2. What did the court find?

  • 1. How should Captain Jones begin the process of preparing a new budget?2. Assuming that the Greenfield officers are still relying on preventive patrol, how could a change in strategy benefit the budget?3. Suggest some major long-term cost savings Captain Jones could consider regarding dispatch and booking services. 4. Is the continued su