Leaf surface area is an important variable in plant gas-exchange rates. Dry matter per unit surface area (mg/cµ3) was measured for trees raised under three different growing conditions. Let µ1, µ2, and µ3 represent the mean dry matter per unit surface area for the growing conditions 1, 2, and 3, respectively. The given 95% simultaneous confidence intervals are:
Which of the following four statements do you think describes the relationship between µ1, µ2, and µ3? Explain your choice.
a. µ4 = µ2, and µ3 differs from µ1 and µ2.
b. µ1 = µ3, and µ2 differs from µ1 and µ3.
c. µ2 = µ3, and µ1 differs from µ2 and µ3.
d. All three m’s are different from one another.

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