Lemon Corporation a large automobile manufacturer is trying to determine
Lemon Corporation, a large automobile manufacturer, is trying to determine the source of defects in some of its autos. An analyst for Lemon believes that a possible source of defects is the day of the week the auto is produced. Rumor has it that on Mondays large numbers of Lemon auto workers are hung over from a weekend of drunkenness and debauchery and are, therefore, more likely to make mistakes on the job. She hypothesizes that autos manufactured on Mondays are more likely to have defects than are cars made on the other days of the week. In order to test this hypothesis, she draws a random sample of 200 automobiles made by Lemon in the last two years. In this sample, she cross-tabulates the day the auto was made (Monday versus all other days) with the variable of whether or not the car has any known defect. The cross-tabulation appears below. Based on these data, is there support for her hypothesis?

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