Question: Leon s Furniture Limited is an Ontario based retailer of home

Leon’s Furniture Limited is an Ontario- based retailer of home furnishings. For each of the following first-quarter transactions, indicate whether net cash inflows (outflows) from operating activities (O), investing activities (I), or financing activities (F) are affected and whether the effect is an inflow (1) or an outflow (2), or write NE if the transaction has no effect on cash.
_____ 1. Paid cash to purchase new equipment.
_____ 2. Purchased raw materials inventory on account.
_____ 3. Collected cash from customers.
_____ 4. Recorded an adjusting entry to record an accrued salaries expense.
_____5. Recorded and paid interest on notes payable.
_____6. Repaid principal on credit loan from the bank.
_____7. Paid rent for the following period.
_____8. Sold land for cash at its carrying amount.
_____9. Made payments to suppliers.
_____10. Declared and paid cash dividends to shareholders.

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