Question: Leroy Landry the accountant for Louie s Laundry unfortunately left the

Leroy Landry, the accountant for Louie’s Laundry, unfortunately left the company’s second quarter budget folded in his shirt pocket when his wife Lola washed his clothes. Finding bits of paper in the bottom of the washer, she tried piecing the scraps together. Some of the figures were still readable; others were blurred; and others just weren’t there. All borrowings, repayments, and investments must be made in even $100 amounts and are made at the beginning of a month. Interest is paid on borrowings at 12 percent per year and earned on investments at 8 percent per year. Interest paid or received is directly taken out of, or deposited into, the company’s checking account. The company has no investments at the beginning of April 2009; however, an outstanding bank loan of $200 was obtained in February 2009.
Complete the missing numbers on the cash budget.

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