Question: Li and Rory two Introductions to Accounting students have decided

Li and Rory, two Introductions to Accounting students, have decided to give a mid-semester party. They will serve hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, dip, and sodas. Since their refrigerator space is limited, they do not want a lot of leftover food after the party. Li and Rory have decided to invite 75 guests; each guest is permitted to bring a significant other to the party. Li and Rory estimate that 80 percent of the guests will be accompanied by someone else. Li estimates that they will need one bag of chips for every two people and one container of dip for every two bags of chips. Rory believes that, on average, each guest will eat one quarter- pound hamburger and one hot dog. They think that six sodas per guest is adequate. After looking in their refrigerator and cupboards, they discover two pounds of hamburger patties, 20 sodas, and one package of hot dog buns (8 per package).
Determine the food and drink that need to be purchased for the party. Assume that hot dogs come in packages of 10 while hot dog and hamburger buns come in packages of 8. Soda will be purchased in 12- packs.

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