Question: Life insurance policies have different characteristics For each of the

Life insurance policies have different characteristics. For each of the following, identify the life insurance policy that meets the description:
a. A policy where the face amount of insurance increases if the investment results are favorable
b. A policy that can be used to insure the human life value of an individual, age 35, at the lowest possible annual premium
c. A policy that permits the policyholder to determine how the premiums are to be invested
d. A policy that allows cash withdrawals for a down payment on a home or payment of college tuition
e. A policy that is sold to applicants whose mortality experience is expected to be lower than average
f. A policy in which premiums are lower for the first three to five years and higher thereafter, which may appeal to insureds whose incomes are expected to increase
g. A policy designed to pay estate taxes upon the death of the last surviving spouse

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