Question: List 1 has 13 terms from this chapter Chapter 1

List 1 has 13 terms from this chapter, Chapter 1, or Chapter 3; List 2 contains 10 definitions or explanations of terms. Match the definitions with the terms by placing a capital letter from list 1 on the blank line to the left of its corresponding definition in list 2. You should have three letters left over from list 1.
List 1— Terms
A. Input accuracy
B. Input completeness
C. Input validity
D. Pervasive control plan
E. Preventive control
F. Process effectiveness goal
G. Application control
H. Business process control plan
I. Control environment
J. Control goals
K. Risk
L. Data maintenance update (of master data)
M. Information processing update (of master data)
List 2— Definitions
_____ 1. The process of modifying the master data to reflect the results of new events.
_____ 2. A control designed to keep problems from occurring.
_____ 3. A control goal of the information process that is directed at ensuring that fictitious or bogus events are not recorded.
_____ 4. A goal of an operations process that signifies the very reason for which that process exists.
_____ 5. The highest level in the control hierarchy; a control category that is evidence of management’s commitment to the importance of control in the organization.
_____ 6. The process of modifying a master data store’s standing data.
_____ 7. An automated control that is contained within an IT application system.
_____ 8. A potential event that may cause an organization to fail to meet its objectives.
_____ 9. Objectives to be achieved by the internal control system.
_____ 10. A control that addresses a multitude of goals across many busi-ness processes.

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