Question: Listed below are accounts to use for transactions a through

Listed below are accounts to use for transactions (a) through (j), each identified by a number. Following this list are the transactions. You are to indicate for each transaction the accounts that should be debited and credited by placing the account number(s) in the appropriate box.
1. Cash
2. Accounts Receivable
3. Office Supplies 
4. Land
5. Interest Receivable
6. Building
7. Accumulated Depreciation - Office Equipment
8. Depreciation Expense - Office Equipment
9. Accounts Payable
10. Interest Payable
11. Insurance Payable
12. Utilities Expense
13. Notes Payable
14. Prepaid Insurance
15. Service Revenue
16. Owner, Capital
17. Insurance Expense
18. Utilities Payable
19. Office Supplies Expense
20. Unearned Service Revenue
21. Dividends Owner, Drawing
22. Interest Expense

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