Listed below are several document terms Match each term with
Listed below are several document terms. Match each term with the corresponding statement in the list provided. Some terms may be used more than once and other terms may not be used at all.

1. The ________ is a control for the materials stored in the storeroom. In order to get direct materials, a (n) ________ must be presented.
2. Before production begins, a manufacturer’s purchasing department issues ________ to its supplier for needed direct materials.
3. A (n) ________ is typically a duplicate of the purchase order but without the quantity pre- listed on the form.
4. The ________ is like a list of ingredients in a recipe, stating the materials needed to produce a product.
5. A (n) ________ is used to accumulate all of the costs affiliated with each job.
6. All direct laborers in the factory fill out a (n)________.
7. The accounting department will not pay a (n) ________ unless it agrees with the quantity of parts both ordered and received.
8. Each item in the raw materials storeroom has its own________.
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