Listed below are several terms and phrases associated with operational assets. Pair each item from List A (by letter) with the item from List B that is most appropriately associated with it.
List A ____________________________________________
___________1. Depreciation
___________2. Goodwill
___________3. Amortization
___________4. Natural resources
___________5. Intangible assets
___________6. Copyright
___________7. Trademark
List B_____________________________________________
a. Exclusive right to display a word, a symbol, or an emblem.
b. Exclusive right to benefit from a creative work.
c. Assets that represent contractual rights.
d. Oil and gas deposits, timber tracts, and mineral deposits.
e. Purchase price less fair value of net identifiable assets.
f. The allocation of cost for plant and equipment.
g. The allocation of cost for intangible assets.

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