Listed below are several terms Complete the following statements with
Listed below are several terms. Complete the following statements with one of these terms.
You may use a term more than once, and some terms may not be used at all.
a. ________________ are incurred to avoid producing poor-quality goods or services.
b. The philosophy and business strategy of manufacturing without waste is called
c. The more detailed information provided by ________________ helps managers control costs.
d. ________________ are costs incurred to detect poor-quality goods or services.
e. ________________ are incurred for every individual unit.
f. ________________ are activities for which the customer is willing to pay.
g. ________________ are costs that arise from product defects that are discovered before the product is shipped to the customer.
h. The cost to design a new product is an example of ________________.
i. ________________ include storage, moving, and inspecting activities.
j. The costs of providing warranty service are ________________.
k. ________________ are incurred for each batch of products.
l. Total manufacturing overhead is divided by one cost allocation base to calculate a
m. It is likely that ________________ will result if a single plantwide overhead rate is used when products vary widely in their usage of various MOH activities.
n. ________________ are incurred to support the entire organization and cannot be traced to any particular product or batch.
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