Listed below are some financial statement classifications coded with letters and, below them, selected transactions and/ or account titles.
Code Financial Statement
Classification Statement of Comprehensive Income
A. Earnings/ loss from continuing operations
B. Earnings/ loss from discontinued operations
C. Other comprehensive income
D. Earnings per share
Statement of Financial Position
E. Current assets
F. Noncurrent assets
G. Current liabilities
H. Noncurrent liabilities
I. Shareholders’ equity
Statement of Changes in Shareholders’ Equity
J. Beginning balance
K. An adjustment (addition to or deduction from) beginning balance
L. Change during the year— retained earnings
M. Change during the year— invested capital (not designated as a discontinued operation)
N. Change during the year— items of other comprehensive income
O. Notes to the financial statements

For each transaction or account title, enter in the space provided one or more code letters to indicate how that item will appear on the statements, either directly or implicitly. The first item, “0,” is shown as an example. Comment on any doubtfulitems.

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