Question: Listed below are terms and definitions associated with bonds Terms

Listed below are terms and definitions associated with bonds.
___________ 1. Term bond.
___________ 2. Serial bond.
___________ 3. Sinking fund.
___________ 4. Bond issue costs.
___________ 5. Callable bond.
___________ 6. Convertible bond.
___________ 7. Secured bond.
___________ 8. Unsecured bond.
a. Money set aside to pay debts as they come due.
b. Matures on a single date.
c. Supported by specific assets pledged as collateral by the issuer.
d. Includes underwriting, legal, accounting, registration, and printing fees.
e. Allows the issuer to pay off the bonds early at a fixed price.
f. Matures in installments.
g. Secured only by the “full faith and credit” of the issuing corporation.
h. Allows the investor to transfer each bond into shares of common stock.

Match (by letter) the bond terms with their definitions. Each letter is used only once.

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