Question: Listed below are the measured radiation emissions in W kg corresponding

Listed below are the measured radiation emissions (in W/kg) corresponding to these cell phones: Samsung SGH-tss9, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Curve, Motorola Moto, T-Mobile Sidekick, Sanyo Katana Eclipse, Palm Pre, Sony Ericsson, Nokia 6085, Apple iPhone 3G S, and Kyocero Neo El 100. The data are from the Environmental Working Group. If one of each model of cell phone is measured for radiation and the results are used to find the standard deviation, is that standard deviation equal to the standard devia¬tion of the population of all cell phones that are in use? Why or why not?
0.38 0.55 1.54 1.55 0.50 0.60 0.92 0.96 1.00 0.86 1.46

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