Question: Listed below are three pairs of stocks Look at each

Listed below are three pairs of stocks. Look at each pair and select the security you’d like to own, given that you want to select the one that’s worth more money. Then, after making all three of your selections, use The Wall Street Journal or some other source to find the latest market value of the two securities in each pair.
a. 50 shares of Berkshire Hathaway (stock symbol BRKA) or 150 shares of JP Morgan Chase (stock symbol JPM). (Both stocks are listed on the NYSE.)
b. 100 shares of Home Depot (symbol HD), a NYSE stock; or 100 shares of Apple (symbol AAPL), a NASDAQ stock.
c. 150 shares of Wal-Mart (symbol WMT) or 50 shares of Verizon (symbol VZ). (Both are listed on the NYSE.)How many times did you pick the one that was worth more money? Did the price of any of these stocks surprise you? If so, which one(s)? Does the price of a stock represent its value? Explain.

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