Listed here are 20 control plans discussed in the chapter. On the blank line to the left of each control plan, insert a P (preventive), D (detective), or C (corrective) to classify that control most accurately. If you think that more than one code could apply to a particular plan, insert all appropriate codes and briefly explain your answer:
Code Control Plan
_________1. Library controls
_________2. Program change controls
_________3. Fire and water alarms
_________4. Fire and water insurance
_________5. Install batteries to provide backup for temporary loss in power
_________6. Backup and recovery procedures
_________7. Service level agreements
_________8. IT steering committee 9. Security officer
_________10. Operations run manuals
_________11. Rotation of duties and forced vacations
_________12. Fidelity bonding
_________13. Personnel management (supervision)
_________14. Personnel termination procedures
_________15. Segregation of duties
_________16. Strategic IT plan
_________17. Disaster recovery planning
_________18. Restrict entry to the computer facility through the use of employee badges, guest sign- in, and locks on computer room doors
_________19. Access control software
_________20. Personnel development controls

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