Question: Listed here are a series of accounts that are numbered

Listed here are a series of accounts that are numbered for identification.
1. Cash
2. Accounts Receivable
3. Notes Receivable
4. Inventory
5. Accrued Interest Receivable
6. Accrued Rent Receivable
7. Fuel on Hand
8. Prepaid Rent
9. Prepaid Insurance
10. Prepaid Repairs and Maintenance
11. Land
12. Buildings
13. Machinery and Equipment
4. Long-Term Debt
15. Notes Payable
16. Accrued Wages and Salaries Payable
17. Accrued Interest Payable
18. Unearned Subscription Revenue
19. Capital Stock
20. Sales
21. Fuel Expense
22. Salaries and Wages
23. Insurance Expense
24. Repairs and Maintenance Expense
25. Rent Expense
26. Rent Revenue
27. Subscription Revenue
28. Interest Revenue
29. Interest Expense

All accounts needed to answer this question are listed previously. The same account may be used in several answers. Prepare any necessary adjusting or correcting entries called for by the following situations, which were discovered at the end of the calendar year. With respect to each situation, assume that no entries have been made concerning the situation other than those specifically described (i.e., no monthly adjustments have been made during the year). Consider each situation separately. These transactions were not necessarily conducted by one firm. Amounts are in thousands of dollars.
a. A $10,000 purchase of equipment on December 30 was erroneously debited to Long-Term Debt. The credit was correctly made to Cash.
b. A business made several purchases of fuel oil. Some purchases ($900) were debited to Fuel Expense, whereas others ($1,100) were charged to an asset account. An oil gauge revealed $400 of fuel on hand at the end of the year. There was no fuel on hand at the beginning of the year. What adjustment was necessary on December 31?
c. On April 1, a business took out a fire insurance policy. The policy was for 2 years, and the full premium of $3,600 was paid on April 1. The payment was debited to Insurance Expense on April 1. What adjustment was necessary on December 31?
d. On December 1, $6,000 was paid in advance to the landlord for 5 months’ rent. The tenant debited Prepaid Rent for $6,000 on December 1. What adjustment is necessary on December 31 on the tenant’s books?
e. Machinery is repaired and maintained by an outside maintenance company on an annual fee basis, payable in advance. The $1,800 fee for the year beginning September 1 was paid on September 1 and charged to Repairs and Maintenance Expense. What adjustment is necessary on December 31?
f. On November 16, $800 of machinery was purchased, $200 cash was paid down, and a 90-day, 5% note payable was signed for the balance. The November 16 transaction was properly recorded. Prepare the adjustment for the interest on December 31.
g. A publisher sells subscriptions to magazines. Customers pay in advance. Receipts are originally credited to Unearned Subscription Revenue. On June 1, $24,000 in 1-year subscriptions (all beginning on June 1) were collected and recorded. What adjustment was necessary on December 31?
h. On December 30, certain merchandise inventory was purchased for $1,300 on open account. The bookkeeper debited Machinery and Equipment and credited Accounts Payable for $1,300. Prepare a correcting entry.
i. A 120-day, 8%, $15,000 cash loan was made to a customer on November 1. The November 1 transaction was recorded correctly. What adjustment is necessary on December 31?

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