Question: Listed next are several terms Complete the following statements with

Listed next are several terms. Complete the following statements with one of these terms.
You may use a term more than once, and some terms may not be used at all.
a. The process of assigning direct costs to cost objects is called ______________.
b. The local hospital would use a _______ system.
c. A paint manufacturer would use a _______ system.
d. A _______ is manufacturing personnel’s request that materials be moved to the production floor.
e. Companies that produce small qualities of many different products would use
f. The process of assigning indirect costs to cost objects is called _____________.
g. A _______ is the primary factor that causes costs.
h. To record costs of maintaining thousands of identical mortgage files, lending companies would use a _______ system.
i. Companies that produce large numbers of identical products use _______ systems for product costing.
j. The direct materials, direct labour, and manufacturing overhead associated with an indi-
vidual job are accumulated on a _______.

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