Look back at the table in exercise 43 concerning desires for success and a high-paying career. That table presented only the percentages, but Pew Re-search reported the numbers of respondents in the major categories:
With this additional information you should be able to answer these questions. (Note: Percentages were rounded to whole numbers, so estimated cell counts will have fractions. You need not round estimated cell counts to whole numbers for the purpose of answering these questions.)
a) What percentage of 18–34 year olds (both male and female) reported that being successful in a high-paying career or profession was “one of the most important things” to them personally?
b) What percentage of 18–34 year olds who said that such success was “one of the most important things” were women?
c) Write a few sentences describing how the opinions of young women differ from those of older female respondents.

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