Lynch Inc is a hardware store operating in Boulder Colorado
Lynch, Inc., is a hardware store operating in Boulder, Colorado. Management recently made some poor inventory acquisitions that have loaded the store with unsalable merchandise. Because of the drop in revenues, the company is now insolvent. The entire inventory can be sold for only $33,000. Following is a trial balance as of March 14, 2011, the day the company files for a Chapter 7 liquidation:

Company officials believe that 60 percent of the accounts receivable can be collected if the company is liquidated. The building and land have a fair value of $75,000, and the equipment is worth $19,000. The investments represent shares of a nationally traded company that can be sold at the current time for $21,000. Administrative expenses necessary to carry out a liquidation would approximate $16,000.
Prepare a statement of financial affairs for Lynch, Inc., as of March 14,2011.
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