Question: Mac s Warehouse is a large discount store that operates 7

Mac’s Warehouse is a large discount store that operates 7 days per week. The store needs the following number of full-time employees working each day of the week:

Each employee must work 5 consecutive days each week and then have 2 days off. For example, any employee who works Sunday through Thursday has Friday and Saturday off. The store currently has a total of 60 employees available to work. Mac’s has developed the following set of prioritized goals for employee scheduling:
(1) The store would like to avoid hiring any additional employees.
(2) The most important days for the store to be fully staffed are Saturday and Sunday.
(3) The next most important day to be fully staffed is Friday.
(4) The store would like to be fully staffed the remaining 4 days in the week.
a. Formulate a goal programming model to determine the number of employees who should begin their 5-day workweek each day of the week to achieve the store’s objectives.
b. Solve this model by using thecomputer.
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