Question: Major cities around the world compete with each other to

Major cities around the world compete with each other to attract new businesses. Some of the criteria that businesses use to judge cities as potential locations for their headquarters might include the labor pool; the environment, including work, governmental, and living; the tax structure, the availability of skilled/educated labor, housing, education, medical care; and others. Suppose in a study done several years ago, the city of Atlanta received a mean rating of 3.51 (on a scale of 1 to 5 and assuming an interval level of data) on housing, but that since that time, considerable residential building has occurred in the Atlanta area such that city leaders feel the mean might now be higher. They hire a team of researchers to conduct a survey of businesses around the world to determine how businesses now rate the city on housing (and other variables).Sixty-one businesses take part in the new survey, with a result that Atlanta receives a mean response of 3.72 on housing with a sample standard deviation of 0.65.Assuming that such responses are normally distributed, use a 1% level of significance and these data to test to determine if the mean housing rating for the city of Atlanta by businesses has significantly increased.

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