Question: Major League Baseball stadiums vary in age style number of

Major League Baseball stadiums vary in age, style, number of seats, and many other ways. But to the baseball players, the size of the field is of the utmost importance. Suppose we agree to measure the size of the field by using the distance from home plate to the centerfield fence. Below is the distance to center field in the 30 Major League stadiums in 2009.
a. Construct a histogram.
b. The interquartile range is described by the bounds of the middle 50% of the data, Q1 and Q3. Find the interquartile range.
c. Are there any fields that appear to be considerably smaller or larger than the others?
d. Is there a great deal of difference in the size of these 30 fields as measured by the distance to center field? Justify your answer with statistical evidence.

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