Question: Manufacturers of frozen foods of ten reformulate their products to maintain

Manufacturers of frozen foods of-ten reformulate their products to maintain and increase customer satisfaction and sales. So they pay particular attention to evaluations of their products in comparison to their competitors’ products. Frozen pizzas are a major sector of the frozen food market, accounting for an average of $3.1 billion in sales in the five-year period from 2008 to 2012 ( The presti1gious Consumer’s Union rated frozen pizzas for flavor and quality, assigning an overall score to each brand tested. A regression model to predict the Consumer’s Union score from Calories, Type (1 = cheese, 0 = pepperoni), and fat content gives the following result:
Dependent variable is: Score
R-squared = 28.7% R-squared (adjusted) = 20.2%
s = 19.79 with 29 - 4 = 25 degrees of freedom
a) What is the interpretation of the coefficient of Type in this regression? According to these results, what type would you expect to sell better—cheese or pepperoni?
b) What displays would you like to see to check assumptions and conditions for this model?

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