Question: Many airline companies offer a carbon offset program in which

Many airline companies offer a carbon offset program, in which customers can contribute a small fee to plant trees, develop wind or solar power, or other projects to make up for the environmental damage caused by air travel. These programs provide air travelers with a calculator to determine the amount of offset needed, typically based on distance flown. However, controversy exists about whether air travel carbon offset programs are appropriate. Responsible Travel was one of the first companies to offer this type of program in 2002, but it canceled its program during 2009. In an interview, managing director Justin Francis stated, “The carbon offset has become this magic pill, a kind of get-out-of-jail-free card” (Rosenthal, 2009).
Suppose the managers of an accounting firm are considering whether to purchase carbon offsets for the business air travel of personnel. Conduct research on the internet or access the articles under sources listed below to learn more about these programs.

A. In your own words, explain the term carbon offset.
B. Describe at least three arguments for and three arguments against the firm’s purchase of carbon offsets for business air travel.
C. Would you recommend that the firm purchase carbon offsets for business air travel?
Explain how you weighed the pros and cons to reach your conclusion.

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