Question: Many managers complain about the budgeting process They claim it

Many managers complain about the budgeting process. They claim it takes too long, requires too much management time, encourages managers to “pad the budget” because of uncertainties, and creates unnecessary tension among managers. As a result of these charges, some managers and business leaders have called for an abandonment of traditional budgeting practices. However, regardless of budgeting’s failures, it continues to be widely used across all types of businesses and not-for-profit enterprises. One reason for the continued use of budgeting is the belief that a competent management team can plan for, manage, and control in large measure the relevant variables that dominate the life of a business. Managers must grapple with uncertainties regardless of whether or not they have a budget.
Do you think that managers’ complaints about the budgeting process are realistic? Do these complaints create costs for organizations? If so, why do organizations continue to use budgets?

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