Many of today s leading companies including Google Microsoft and Facebook are
Many of today’s leading companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, are based on technologies developed within universities. Lisa Fisher is a business school professor who would like to analyze university factors that enhance innovation. She collects data on 143 universities in 2008 for a regression where the response variable is the number of startups (Startups), which is used as a measure for innovation. The explanatory variables include the university’s research expenditure in $ millions (Research), the number of patents issued (Patents), and the age of its technology transfer office in years (Duration). A portion of the data is shown below; the entire data set, labeled Startups, can be found on the text website.

a. Estimate: Startups = β0 + β1Research + β2Patents + β3Duration + .
b. Predict the number of startups for a university that spent $120 million on research, issued 8 patents, and has had a technology transfer office for 20 years.
c. How much more research expenditure is needed for the university to have an additional predicted startup, with everything else being thesame?
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