Question: Many textbooks now come with an online component for self assessment

Many textbooks now come with an online component for self-assessment, study, and quizzes. Teachers are experimenting with the new software components, and wondering whether they have any effect on students' final grades. A teacher who has three sections of Introductory Statistics is wondering about three variations of use of the software, as follows:
a. Assigning quizzes for marks
b. Creating chapter quizzes and recommending them, but not assigning any marks
c. Not creating any quizzes, but relying on the sample tests built in to the software (no marks assigned) There are 45 students in each of the classes being compared. The Data Analysis output for Anova: Single Factor is also shown in Exhibit 11.21 on the next page.
Is there evidence, at the 5% level of significance, that differences in the use of the online software are associated with differences in final grades? Why should we be cautious in interpreting the results in this case? You should already have checked conditions in Develop Your Skills 11.1, Exercise 5.

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