Mark Moreland a dentist decided to join a small group
Mark Moreland, a dentist, decided to join a small group of dentists so that he no longer has to be on call every night. Practice members share the responsibility of emergencies with other members of the group. In the past, Mark differentiated his practice by specializing in the treatment of families with children. None of the other dentists specialize in families, but all of them treat some children. Mark’s son just finished an accounting degree and recommended that the dental group consider implementing a balanced scorecard as they develop the policies and practices for the new group.

A. Explain what each of the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard mean in the context of a dental group.
B. Recommend several methods the group could use to assess a strategic objective of patient satisfaction.
C. Recommend two strategic objectives and related measures for each of the four perspectives for the dental group. Explain your recommendations.

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