Marko Inc s managers are comparing the profitability of a target
Marko, Inc.’s managers are comparing the profitability of a target marketing strategy with a mass marketing “strategy.” The spreadsheet gives information about both approaches.
The mass marketing strategy is aiming at a much bigger market. But a smaller percent of the consumers in the market will actually buy this product—because not everyone needs or can afford it. Moreover, because this marketing mix is not tailored to specific needs, Marko will get a smaller share of the business from those who do buy than it would with a more targeted marketing mix.
Just trying to reach the mass market will take more promotion and require more retail outlets in more locations—so promotion costs and distribution costs are higher than with the target marketing strategy. On the other hand, the cost of producing each unit is higher with the target marketing strategy—to build in a more satisfying set of features. But because the more targeted marketing mix is trying to satisfy the needs of a specific target market, those customers will be willing to pay a higher price.
In the spreadsheet, “quantity sold” (by the firm) is equal to the number of people in the market who will actually buy one each of the product—multiplied by the share of those purchases won by the firm’s marketing mix. Thus, a change in the size of the market, the percent of people who purchase, or the share captured by the firm will affect quantity sold. And a change in quantity sold will affect total revenue, total cost, and profit.
a. On a piece of paper, show the calculations that prove that the spreadsheet “total profit” value for the target marketing strategy is correct. Which approach seems better—target marketing or mass marketing? Why?
b. If the target marketer could find a way to reduce distribution cost per unit by $.25, how much would profit increase?
c. If Marko, Inc., decided to use the target marketing strategy and better marketing mix decisions increased its share of purchases from 50 to 60 percent—without increasing costs—what would happen to total profit? What does this analysis suggest about the importance of marketing managers knowing enough about their target markets to be effective target marketers?
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