Mary Losch operates a travel agency called Mary s Luxury Travel
Mary Losch operates a travel agency called Mary's Luxury Travel. She has five employees, all of whom are paid on a weekly basis. The travel agency uses a payroll register, individual employee earnings records, and a general journal.
Mary's Luxury Travel uses a weekly federal income tax withholding table like the one in Figure 8-4 on pages 288 and 289. The payroll data for each employee for the week ended March 22, 20--, are given below. Employees are paid 1½ times the regular rate for working over 40 hours a week.

Social Security tax is withheld from the first $110,100 of earnings at the rate of 6.2%. Medicare tax is withheld at the rate of 1.45%, and city earnings tax at the rate of 1%, both applied to gross pay. Bacon and Leung have $15 withheld and Cole and Hicks have $5 withheld for health insurance. Bacon and Leung have $20 withheld to be invested in the travel agency's credit union. Cole has $38.75 withheld and Hicks has $18.75 withheld under a savings bond purchase plan. Mary's Luxury Travel's payroll is met by drawing checks on its regular bank account. The checks were issued in sequence, beginning with Check No. 423.

1. Prepare a payroll register for Mary's Luxury Travel for the week ended March 22, 20--. (In the Taxable Earnings/Unemployment Compensation column, enter the same amounts as in the Social Security column.) Total the amount columns, verify the totals, and rule with single and double lines.
2. Assuming that the wages for the week ended March 22 were paid on March 24, prepare the journal entry for the payment of thepayroll.
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