Masculine themed words such as competitive independent analyze strong are commonly
Masculine-themed words (such as competitive, independent, analyze, strong) are commonly used in job recruitment materials, especially for job advertisements in male-dominated areas (Gaucher, Friesen, & Kay, 2011). The same study found that these words also make the jobs less appealing to women.
In a similar study, female participants were asked to read a series of job advertisements and then rate how interesting or appealing the job appeared to be. Half of the advertisements were constructed to include several masculine-themed words and the others were worded neutrally. The average rating for each type of advertisement was obtained for each participant.
For n = 25 participants, the mean difference between the two types of advertisements is MD = 1.32 points (neutral ads rated higher) with SS = 150 for the difference scores.
a. Is this result sufficient to conclude that there is a significant difference in the ratings for two types of advertisements? Use a two-tailed test with a = .05.
b. Compute r2 to measure the size of the treatment effect.
c. Write a sentence describing the outcome of the hypothesis test and the measure of effect size as it would appear in a research report.
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