Question: Match each of the following statements with the corresponding document

Match each of the following statements with the corresponding document term.
1. Incoming shipments of raw materials are counted and recorded on this document, a(n) _______________, which does not include pre-printed quantities or prices.
2. The time spent by each employee on each job he or she worked on throughout the day is detailed on a(n) _______________.
3. A supplier would issue a(n) _________ to bill the customer for products the customer ordered and received.
4. Information about each item in stock, including number of units received and the balance of units currently in stock, would be found on a(n) ___________.
5. A listing of all of the raw materials needed to manufacture the job would be found on a(n) ______________.
6. A(n) ___________ itemizes the raw materials currently needed from the storeroom and provides documentation of authorization for the request.
7. The ___________ indicates the quantity and types of inventory that are planned to be manufactured during the given time period.
8. A(n) ______________ is used to accumulate all of the direct materials and direct labour used on a job, as well as the manufacturing overhead allocated to the job.
9. A(n) ______________ is authorization for a supplier to ship products at a given price.
a. Bill of materials
b. Job cost record
c. Production schedule
d. Purchase order
e. Raw materials record
f. Labour time record
g. Receiving report
h. Materials requisition
i. Invoice

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