Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term in the following list. Write the letter of your choice in the answer column.
a. Contract of adhesion
b. Duress
c. Fraud
d. Intentional concealment
e. Misrepresentation
f. Mistake
g. Mutual agreement
h. Puffing
i. Unconscionable contract
j. Undue influence
1. A contract regarded as shockingly unfair and unjust. 1. __________
2. Domination of a person’s will by force or by threat of force or injury. 2. __________
3. A contract characterized by unequal bargaining power of the parties. 3. __________
4. A “meeting of the minds.” 4. __________
5. Intentional misstatement of a material fact. 5. __________
6. Purposely not disclosing material facts to a contracting party. 6. __________
7. The power to control the actions of another that results from a special or confidential relationship. 7. __________
8. Unintentional misstatement of a material fact. 8. __________
9. A belief not in accord with the facts that may be concerned with the nature of the subject matter or the quality of the subject matter. 9. __________
10. A mere expression of opinion. 10. __________

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