Question: Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term

Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term in the following list. Write the letter of your choice in the answer column.
a. Bailee
b. Bailment
c. Bailor
d. Carrier’s lien
e. Common carrier
f. Consignee
g. Consignor
h. Constructive bailment
i. Lien
j. Transient
1. A relationship concerned with the transfer and possession of personal property without the passage of title. 1. ____________
2. A relationship in which the bailee comes into possession by having goods thrust upon him or her. 2. ____________
3. An individual or firm in the business of transporting goods between certain points for anyone. 3. ____________
4. A person or firm who ships goods. 4. ____________
5. A claim against the property of another as security for a debt. 5. ____________
6. A person to whom goods are shipped. 6. ____________
7. The person in a bailment relationship who transfers possession of goods to another.
7. ____________
8. The person whose stay in a place of lodging is indefinite. 8. ____________
9. The claim of a carrier against the owner of property for unpaid transportation charges.
9. ____________
10. The person who receives goods as part of a bailment relationship. 10. ___________

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