Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term in the following list. Write the letter of your choice in the answer column.
a. Bearer instrument
b. Blank endorsement
c. Counterclaim
d. Dishonorment
e. Holder in due course
f. Endorsee
g. Endorsement
h. Endorser
i. Material alteration
j. Personal defense
k. Qualified endorsement
l. Presentment
m. Real, or absolute, defense
n. Restrictive endorsement
o. Special, or full, endorsement
1. An endorsement by which the payee of an instrument transfers it to the order of another person. 1. ____________
2. The person who writes his or her name on the back of an instrument. 2. ____________
3. The person to whom an instrument is transferred. 3. ____________
4. The practice of the holder of commercial paper of writing his or her name on the back of an instrument. 4. ____________
5. An endorsement that transfers an instrument but limits the liability of the endorser.
5. ____________
6. An endorsement that transfers an instrument to whoever has possession of it.
6. ____________
7. An endorsement that limits the transfer of an instrument to a particular person or for a particular purpose. 7. ____________
8. A person who has accepted commercial paper in good faith, for value, before maturity, and without notice of any defects in the instrument. 8. ____________
9. A claim for not paying commercial paper that relates to the circumstances leading to the issuing of the paper rather than to the paper itself. 9. ____________
10. A claim that states that the instrument was void from the beginning. 10. ___________
11. The deduction of amounts owed claimed by the maker of a note or the drawer of a draft from the amount demanded by an immediate party. 11. ___________
12. Important changes to an instrument that affect the rights of the parties. 12. ___________
13. Exhibiting a note to its maker and demanding payment. 13. ___________
14. Refusal to pay a commercial paper. 14. 15. An instrument that is payable to anyone who is in possession of it. 15. ___________

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