Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term in the following list. Write the letter of your choice in the answer column.
a. Bill of sale
b. Certificate of title
c. Condition subsequent
d. Condition precedent
e. Estoppels
f. Fungible goods
g. Order bill of lading
h. Personal property
i. Real property
j. Remote party
k. Straight bill of lading
l. Warehouse receipt
1. A common carrier’s nonnegotiable receipt for goods accepted for shipment.
1. ____________
2. A written statement that the seller is passing, or transferring, ownership to a buyer.
2. ____________
3. A carrier’s receipt for goods accepted for shipment that ensures that the goods will not be delivered unless the original bill of lading is surrendered. 3. ____________
4. A provision in a contract that requires the performance of a specific act before title passes. 4. ____________
5. A salesperson authorized to sell merchandise for a merchant. 5. ____________
6. Land and articles permanently attached to it. 6. ____________
7. A provision in a contract that requires the performance of a specific act after title passes.
7. ____________
8. A legal bar to the use of contradictory words or acts in asserting a claim against another.
8. ____________
9. Goods generally sold by weight or measure, such as grain or gasoline, where each unit is like all others. 9. ____________
10. A document that is proof of ownership. 10. ___________
11. Possessions other than real property, such as jewelry. 11. ___________
12. Evidence of ownership provided by a storage facility. 12. ___________

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