Question: Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term

Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term in the following list. Write the letter of your choice in the answer column.
a. Comity
b. Transnational institutions
c. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
d. World Trade Organization
e. International Monetary Fund
f. North American Free Trade Agreement
g. European Union
h. Trade sanctions and embargoes
i. Import and export controls
j. Tariffs
k. Quota systems
l. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
1. Restrictions on the numbers and kinds of products that may enter a nation. 1. ___________
2. An organization that provides protection against large fluctuations in the value of one currency versus another. 2. ___________
3. A doctrine that holds that the courts of one country should refrain from deciding cases involving the acts of persons from another country. 3. ___________
4. Organizations established contractually by several countries that agree to be legally bound by the rules of the organization. 4. ___________
5. Government use of legal restrictions on trade to achieve desired political results. 5. ___________
6. Agreement that provides a set of rules to ensure that there is no discrimination in trade by its signatories. 6. ___________
7. An entity established to achieve economic and political integration of member countries.
7. ___________
8. A form of tax, or other restrictions, on exports or imports to attain economic results, such as protecting domestic industries or facilitating the production of certain crops.
8. ___________
9. An organization responsible for overseeing the implementation of all multinational trade agreements negotiated now or in the future. 9. ___________
10. A broad category that includes various activities, including licensing the sale of some goods to foreign buyers, intended to affect the balance of trade. 10. ___________
11. An agreement among the United States, Canada, and Mexico that focuses strictly on economic trade. 11. ___________
12. A U. S. law that makes it unlawful to bribe foreign government officials to obtain or retain business. 12. ___________

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