Question: Match each term that follows with the appropriate definition 1

Match each term that follows with the appropriate definition.
1. Face interest rate
2. Bond indenture
3. Secured bonds
4. Bond issue
5. Coupon bonds
6. Callable bonds
7. Market interest rate
8. Convertible bonds
9. Registered bonds
a. A contract that defines the rights, privileges, and limitations of the bondholders.
b. Bonds that allow the bondholder to exchange a bond or a specified number of shares of common stock.
c. The fixed rate of interest paid to bondholders based on the face value of the bonds.
d. Bonds that give the issuer the right to buy back and retire the bonds before maturity at a specified price, which is usually above face value.
e. The rate of interest paid in the market on bonds of similar risk.
f. The total value of bonds issued at one time.
g. Bonds issued in the names of the bondholders.
h. Bonds that carry a pledge of certain corporate assets as a guarantee of repayment.
i. Bonds not registered with the organization but bearing coupons stating the amount of interest due and the payment date.

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