Match the accounting terms with the corresponding definitions.
1. Posting
2. Account
3. Debit
4. Journal
5. Chart of accounts
6. Trial balance
7. Normal balance
8. Ledger
9. Credit
10. Compound journal entry
a. A detailed record of all increases and decreases that have occurred in a particular asset, liability, or equity during a period
b. The record holding all the accounts of a business, the changes in those accounts, and their balances
c. A journal entry that is characterized by having multiple debits and/ or multiple credits
d. A record of transactions in date order
e. Left side of a T- account
f. Side of an account where increases are recorded
g. Transferring amounts from the journal to the ledger
h. Right side of a T- account
i. A list of all accounts with their balances at a point in time
j. A list of all accounts with their account numbers

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